How To Get Ready?

Ok so you have your first presentation in front of many people, and you are getting scared. Well, that is ok, and it is not a big deal. This reaction is normal. You might feel a little insecure. This reaction is also normal. You want to make a good first impression, and you want those people to get the impression that you are serious and professional. This is also a normal reaction and a way of thinking. But then, you start to talk, and you begin with the presentation and all of a sudden, you start to mumble, and your words just don’t come out in a way they should come out. So what is the problem? Well, first there is insecurity, and next, we have body language and the frequency of your voice. All these things will affect your presentation.

What to do?


Ok so to make your presentation good and not to make a fool out of yourself, you will need to make sure that you are well prepared for this event. You will need to take a map, a visual map that you will remember when you begin to talk. You will remember those areas or maps of your subjects, and this is very easy. So to be certain that you will not forget something, draw a square map of things you want to talk about and remember them visually. You will be good to go. The next important thing to remember is that you will need to practice in front of a mirror. This is how people see you, and this is the way to correct your body language which is the most important part of any performance.

Anything else?

That is all about the theoretical part. Now comes the practical part. Practice a million times in front of a mirror. Make sure that you don’t rush into things. Your words need to be clear, and it is vital that you don’t swallow those words. You will look very insecure. The goal is to talk about the right speed. Not too fast, not too slow. It is better, however, to talk slower than faster because people will be able to focus on your words.